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Residential and Commercial Waterproofing Services Using Epoxy Injection


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Epoxy?
A. Epoxy injection is customarily the number one choice recommended by structural engineers. Unlike other waterproofing methods, epoxy actually glues the cracked foundation back together providing a waterproof and structurally sound repair. Anything less is just a band aid approach
Q. Do you have to dig up my landscaping?
A . No. Epoxy injection must be done from the inside.
Q. How can you do that if my basement wall is finished?
A. A small opening needs to be made in the dry wall, paneling, etc., for us to access the crack and properly repair it. Repairing the foundation crack from the inside of your home is actually less costly and disruptive than repairing the crack from the outside.
Q. Does it work on a block foundation?
A. No. Unfortunately, that requires a completely different fix. There are other companies that do repairs on block foundations.
Q. How long does the repair last?
A. It should last indefinitely.
Q. How much does it cost?
Quite often we can tell you on the phone. If you can answer these questions:

1.How many cracks do you have?
2.What are the lengths of the cracks to the nearest foot?
3.Are they accessible from the inside?
4.Have they been previously repaired from the inside, painted over, or somehow tampered with?
5.The approximate width. In other words, can you put the thickness of a dime in the crack or can you put your index finger in the crack?
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